BELLE MEADE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Belle Meade and La Vergne police departments team up to take a teenager they say is dangerous off the streets early Monday morning.

The arrest stemmed from a string of vehicle burglaries early Sunday morning in Belle Meade.

Belle Meade investigators said at least ten vehicles were reportedly broken into around 4 a.m.

The suspect found a valet key in one expensive pickup truck.

Belle Meade is a city that is protected by license plate reader (LPR) cameras at most intersections.

Police said those cameras capture the stolen truck driving down a multitude of streets. And another pickup caught on camera traveling behind the first stolen vehicle was reported stolen out of Metro.

Thanks to GPS in the stolen truck, Belle Meade investigators were able to track it to La Vergne.

Early Monday morning, Belle Meade Police and Lavergne Police take the 16-year-old suspect into custody.

Belle Meade Police Chief Chuck Williams said, “The resident had a tracking device on his vehicle and got a precise location. Our dispatchers did a great job relaying that info to La Vergne. And, officers with LPD were able to take a juvenile into custody.”

Chief Williams emphasized, “The life of crime doesn’t pay. They might get away with it for a day or two, but come to Belle Meade, and we have a camera on almost every corner, and we are going to find you, and we are going prosecute you.”

When officers searched the 16-year-old, they found a loaded handgun. Also during the search, they found a dozen stolen credit cards and marijuana packaged for resale.

Investigators said the teenager will be charged with auto burglary, auto theft, and theft of credit cards.

Chief Williams said, “They break into cars, stealing cars. They are armed and putting everyone in danger. We really encourage the community to park smart and make sure you don’t have any firearms or valuables in your vehicle, and please lock your doors.”

Thanks to the quick work of officers, police also recovered the second pickup truck that was also caught on LPR camera.