WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Members of the Williamson County community attended the school board meeting Monday night to show support for LGBTQ students after a Pride float was featured in a Homecoming parade for Independence High School.

The group Moms for Liberty Williamson County took issue with the float at the parade last week.

They claim Pride club students were handing out bi-week flyers and two girls kissed on the float in front of children.

Members of the Pride club said school is the only place some students feel supported.

“Support groups are fantastic. That is great. Making out and French kissing on a float in front of our little children from kindergarten to sixth grade, eighth grade? Uncalled for. Passing out propaganda about bisexuality? Uncalled for. This is not an indoctrination center. Schools are an education center,” said Brian Russell.

“To have a community at school for our people is very important and I hope that we can keep this here because I have many friends who fear for their safety and this is the one place we are safe,” explained Mia Elias, who was on the float.

“It is not about LGBTIQ rights. It is not about GSA clubs. It is about what is appropriate in a school environment. It is about the sexualization of our children. It is mostly what is appropriate to present to elementary aged children,” said Robin Steenman with Moms for Liberty Williamson County.

“Does calling for your people to come here and persecute LGBTQ kids for the crime of letting the world know they exist and showing love for one another not fly in the face of what you claim to stand for? that video is not a French kiss. It is a quick peck that I had to watch three times to catch and if it was a boy and a girl there is zero chance anyone would have cared,” countered parent Justin Kanew.

The Williamson County superintendent said at the meeting the goal is to make sure all students feel safe and it’s clear administrators have work to do.