Lebanon attorney survives COVID-19: ‘I was not supposed to survive’


LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Lebanon-based attorney, Frank Lannom, is known for defending clients, but this summer he had to defend himself against COVID-19.

Lannom, a Christian, told News 2 that he believes his faith was a large part of his recovery.

“I was told after the fact that my oxygen level had gotten so low that there was discussion that I was not going to survive and that further treatment might not be of any help to me,” Lannom said.

He tested positive for COVID-19 back in late June, a friend prompted him to seek emergency care.

“It took someone else to realize how difficult of a condition I was in because of my lack of oxygen,” Lannom said. “Then that happens, you can’t do your own rational thinking and that’s a very dangerous part of COVID.”

Once Lannom arrived at St. Thomas Midtown he was intubated and unconscious for 12 days.

“The word, ‘unconscious’ is kind of a misnomer, I developed a whole different world of what I thought was reality while I was unconscious,” Lannom said. “It was a very difficult process for people to convince me that those things that I had envisioned were not in fact true.”

Lannom said once he recovered, his doctors had a hard time believing it.

“These doctors saved my life but the strength that was needed to survive what I was not supposed to survive certainly came directly from faith; and was in my mind, without any doubt, the difference between me surviving and not surviving. My God wants me here, there’s kindnesses there’s a gospel to be spread.”

Lannom also said he hopes people will take precautions to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“Just because it’s been politicized, doesn’t mean it isn’t real, it doesn’t mean it won’t kill you, it doesn’t mean it won’t leave your children without a father or mother or senior citizens.”

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