NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2’s cameras caught two Tennessee state lawmakers having to be separated Thursday by several figures, including the Secretary of State.

They came to what looked like a near tussle after a vote to end debate on a bill about dealing with historic public memorials that included the controversial Nathan Bedford Forrest bust just outside the House chambers.

Rep. Joe Towns of Memphis is speaking when you can see another Memphis representative walk into view behind him.

That representative, Democrat G.A. Hardaway, walks over and says something to Memphis Republican lawmaker Curry Todd, who had called for ending the debate.

Hardaway then partially walks away before coming back into the picture.

At this point, Rep. Towns turns and notices what’s going on.

Hardaway then engages again with Rep. Todd, who is still off screen but stands up and comes into view.

The two appear to have some sort of heated conversation when a third person comes in from the right. It was Secretary of the State Tre Hargett.

You also see one more person come in, Rep. John Mark Windle, a Democrat from East Tennessee.

Eventually, the four men break apart, and Rep. Hardaway walks away.

Secretary of State Hargett’s office says they are not commenting.

Rep. Todd’s office says it was just a discussion, no argument.

News 2 has not heard from Hardaway or Windle’s offices.