A lot of people wonder about the notorious “last meal” request and how that works for death row inmates. 

It varies state by state. In Tennessee, the “offender can request, within reason, a special meal on the final day before the execution.”  

Billy Rae Irick, who’s execution is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m., has made a request for his last meal.  He wants a  super deluxe burger combo with onion rings and a Pepsi.  

There’s no clear definition of what constitutes ‘within reason.’ 

In the past, these requests have varied widely for Tennessee death row inmates. 

Cecil Johnson, who was executed on December 2, 2009, refused his last meal. 

Steve Henley, executed on February 4, 2009, requested a seafood plate of shrimp, oysters, fried fish, onion rings and hush puppies for his last meal. 

Daryl Holton made no special requests before his execution by electric chair on September 12, 2007. 

Philip Workman, who was executed on May 9, 2007, requested a vegetarian pizza be delivered to a homeless person. The state denied that request, but the following day PETA delivered 20 large veggie pizzas to the Nashville Rescue Mission. 

Sedley Alley requested a last meal of pizza pockets, cookies and ice cream before he was executed on June 28, 2006. 

Billy Rae Irick, who’s execution is set for Thursday evening, has made a request for his last meal.  He wants a super deluxe burger combo with onion rings and a Pepsi.

Irick is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Thursday at 7 p.m. He is on death row for raping and killing a seven-year-old East Tennessee girl more than 30 years ago.