WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WKRN) — Authorities issued an alert on Saturday about phone scammers who not only make it seem like the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is calling you, but will even claim to be members of the sheriff’s office in some instances.

Officials said a victim called about scammers spoofing the sheriff’s office’s number. The scammers reportedly told the victim they missed a court date, they had a warrant, and they needed to buy gift cards in order to settle the matter.

Members of the sheriff’s office said they will never call you and request your personal or financial information regarding a warrant or criminal summons.

According to authorities, you can’t settle a warrant over the phone using your credit card info. In addition, you can’t be arrested for not buying gift cards and providing the numbers to these callers.

“These scammers, often times not even living here locally, can be threatening, persistent, and believable… If you receive a phone call similar to this, do not give out your information and report it immediately,” the Warren County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook on Saturday, Oct. 29.