BOWLING GREEN, KY. (WKRN) – Help is already on the ground for a lot of communities that were hit hard in last weekend’s tornado outbreak. Volunteers from the Salvation Army responded directly after the tornadoes hit Tennessee and Kentucky. One of their main priorities was providing food so they got their mobile canteen ready immediately.

“There are two things that the Salvation Army always brings with: food and prayer. We know that when people see the shield, they know the Salvation Army, and they know that a response is on the way. So we first go to the point of need,” said Major Ethan Frizzell, Salvation Army Nashville Area Command. “That morning, when we woke up, the first thing we did is make sure that our mobile kitchen or canteen was ready.”

They served lunch then roamed through the neighborhood offering meals as people picked through the debris to find their belongings. Volunteers also got a call that night to serve senior citizens that lost power and they gave out another 400 meals until 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

“The Salvation Army does have a logistical center for the territory, which would be the 15 southern states where this tornado hit. And so right now we’re pulling resources from nine states in order to respond to this in Arkansas, and Kentucky, Tennessee,” Major Frizzell explained. “Pulling from those nine states were able to coordinate the resources that we have, in order to best serve those who are in need.”

The Salvation Army has an incident command team going into Mayfield for service because they know this will be a long-term response.

“The Mission Continues long after a storm, for example, already in Bowling Green, they’re looking at how can they help with like food, food security. For those people who’ve lost their homes, what does that look like in coming days and the homes they go to, some tents, that looks like supporting their family and friends. So those who’ve taken them into their homes, to help balance out that increase in expenses and reduce the shock.”

People are encouraged to make donations where funds will go to the victims of last weekend’s tornadoes by visiting the website of The Salvation Army and The American Red Cross. You can also call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and designate “KY Tornado Relief” with your gift.