KENTUCKY (WKRN) – As first responders continue to rescue people off roof tops, receding waterlines are revealing more and more of the devastation flood waters are leaving behind in Kentucky.  

“I talked to one woman earlier who said that the water had filled her first floor before she was rescued; she was taken out by boat,” Red Cross Disaster Relief shelter supervisor Sam McNamee said. 

McNamee is one of five volunteers the American Red Cross has sent from Tennessee, in addition to other volunteers they’ve sent from across the country. McNamee is operating a shelter out of an elementary school with the capacity to house up to 100 people a night. 

“Most of the people here in the shelter seem to have been, at least those who arrived in the first day and a half or so, were rescued by boat and then brought here by EMS,” McNamee said. 

For safety, those rescues are only taking place during the day at this time. The Red Cross is helping take care of those search and rescue teams, on top of providing food, shelter, and health care services for those who just lost everything.  

“What we hear from people is they didn’t know where they would go, the shock following disaster of this size. It truly is mentally and physically incapacitating,” Regional Director of Communications Sherri McKinney said.  

The images of what they’re dealing with are ones they won’t soon forget. 

“We’ve seen people literally on top of their homes waiting to be rescued. This is a nightmare for this community,” McKinney said. 

With such a fluid situation, the Red Cross is asking for financial donations and people willing to volunteer their time. They say no matter your skill set, they will train you to help fill this great need. 

They expect to be on the ground in Kentucky helping with immediate needs for the next five months.  

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“These folks have just had this disaster fall from the sky on their heads and they need help. And I’m able to give them some help,” McNamee said. 

If you would like to donate, you can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text “REDCROSS” to 90999. You can find more information about volunteering here.