HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WKRN) — For the city of Hopkinsville, New Year’s Day brought unwelcomed devastation three weeks after areas like Mayfield and Bowling Green were ravaged by deadly tornados.

“The sound was unearthly [like an] aircraft dragging something across the earth,” Hopkinsville resident Brittany Powell said. “It didn’t sound like a freight train like people describe a tornado.”

Powell was just a few doors away from some of the hardest-hit destruction and recalled seeing the storm as it ripped through downtown.

“We were scared, absolutely scared, we seen this house just twirling, the roof of these houses just twirling,” Powell said. “We’re devastated.”

Despite these unforeseen challenges, community members spent New Year’s Day coming together, not worried about themselves or the holiday, but their neighbors.

“I’m trying to stay positive, it can only go up from here. This has got to be rock bottom, you know,” Powell said. “We’re here to help any way that we can.”

They hope others will come out to help in the coming days, showing 2022 the meaning of Kentucky Strong.

“Just come and help and don’t take advantage, do the right thing and there are all kinds of people here that could use help,” Powell said. 

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The Christian County Sheriff’s Office said no injuries have been reported from the storm so far. They ask the public to give crews room to work as they try to restore power.