NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Graves County was on high alert Wednesday night as severe storms moved across Southern Kentucky and Middle Tennessee.

The town of Mayfield is located in Graves County and was hit by a deadly tornado event in December. 76 people were killed, and thousands of structures were damaged or destroyed.

A downed tree was reported on Wadesboro Road in Graves County. (Courtesy: Graves County Sheriff’s Office)

Wednesday last night, a tornado warning was issued for the county. The Graves County Sheriff’s Office closely monitored the situation as it unfolded. Officials updated residents nearly every hour on social media as new information came in.

Ominous clouds could be seen hovering over Mayfield Elementary School and the Meadows subdivision. Authorities told people to take shelter at times, then updated the community on blocked roadways and downed trees and power lines after the warning was lifted.

“Remember to assume that downed lines are energized and stay away from them,” the Graves County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media.

The sheriff’s office said utility companies, road crews, and volunteer fire departments worked together to clean up and “get things back in order.”