Preschool staff shelters 40 children from tornado in Kentucky


A confirmed tornado touched down in the Paducah area this morning. 

The Mount Zion Baptist Church took a direct hit. There were 40 preschool children in the church at the time.

The church was heavily damaged. The sanctuary was just about destroyed, the roof was blown off. 

Preschool director Michelle Rushing had 40 kids to protect. We talked to her by phone. Here’s what she said happened when they got the warning. 

“The alarms went off I guess about about ten after nine and I had the alert come through from WPSD that there was a tornado warning.  At that time it was several miles away. But of course, we went ahead and got the evacuation plan in place, and go all the kids to the one area where we go for tornadoes,” said Rushing.

“And we were kind of just watching to see how it was going to go. We noticed it was getting worse.  We got in there and, of course, we started hearing all the glass and everything.  It was pretty scary.”

She said their safe place had concrete walls. Officials from their county had shown them where to bring the kids. That’s where everyone in the church gathered. 

Everyone was OK because they had a plan, and the weather had a warning out in plenty of time. It certainly saved lives. 

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