DAWSON SPRINGS, KY. (WKRN)- Friday morning would be the last time Jason Cummins spoke with his mother. Watching the news, Cummins warned her about the storm headed her way to their Dawson Springs home, but he would never imagine the destruction and loss that would come just hours later.

Marsha Hall, 72, and her sister were home when the tornado hit their small town. The two took cover in their hallway as the storm approached.

“I texted her and said ‘are ya’ll okay,’ and it didn’t go through. So I texted again, I texted my Aunt, I called and they didn’t go through. My brother actually lives closer and he drove there and told me that I needed to come home,” said Cummins.

After receiving a phone call from his brother, Cummins quickly drove from Nashville to his hometown. Through the darkness, he searched and screamed out for his mother.

“I text her every morning at 5:30 in the morning, ‘I love you,’ and on Friday I text, ‘Good Morning, I love you watch the weather,'” remembered Cummins. “She told me she loved me and she sent a text to my brother and his family and my sister all separate texts that said ‘I love you.'”

Cummins told News 2 when he arrived Friday night, the streets were too dark and blocked with debris. Driving through the night he “didn’t care. I just wanted to go find my mom. I didn’t know how bad it was,” said Cummins holding back tears.

The next morning, he went back out in search of his mother. Hours later, his mother and aunt, Carole Grisham, were found dead just houses down from their home.

“Someone came and said they found two ladies, and wanted me to ID them,” said Cummins. “It wasn’t what was supposed to happen that Saturday.”

The good times are what Cummins holds onto. Remembering memories of his mother and Grisham, 80, is what keeps him together. The two sisters spent the last 10 years living under the same roof.

“They were not only sisters, there were best friends, they took care of each other,” said Cummins. “To know my mom was to smile every time you saw her. She was the most selfless hard-working woman I’ve ever met.”

Now, standing where the two’s home stands a small pole with an American Flag attached. “They kept their flag on the poll. They had two polls and they would change the other ones out, but kept the American flag on its poll all year round.”

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The family plans on memorializing both women together.