MAYFIELD, KY. (WKRN) – Hundreds remain displaced and thousands are without power as cleanup efforts continue in Mayfield days after a deadly tornado ripped through the city.

Over the many cities that the first-ever ‘Quad-State’ tornado wreaked havoc on, Mayfield was one city in particular devastated by the tornadoes.

Native Kentuckian Cody Rodgers’ home was spared, but just one-sixteenth of a mile away the scene was much different. 

Rodgers grew up in Mayfield and so far, knows of at least one of the victims killed in the overnight tornado. Several days later Rodgers is still trying to comprehend the damage that occurred in his hometown. 

“Just the sheer volume that got demolished is unreal, and it’s only something that when seeing it with your eyes that I can really tell you, this is serious. It’s worse than, you know, like the movies poster, you know, you see all the action and all the overhead views and everything,” said Rodgers. 

As the city attempts to overcome death and destruction Rodgers is finding a way to help those in his hometown. 

Rodgers told News 2 he kept hearing about the need for generators and fuel due to the cold December weather and the power being out across the city. 

“I feel like, until, you know, we get everything cleaned up and are able to start rebuilding, then the only way that I could be of service is asking all of the people that are here like, my neighborhood, is starting to go around and asking who needed what, and not very many people had gas logs that ran without electricity,” said Rodgers.

He began challenging people he knew to donate a dollar to buy critical equipment for those in need and has now started a fundraiser to keep those in Mayfield warm.

Rodgers’ GoFundMe will be used to buy as many heaters and generators as possible for the elderly and families with small children who are without any source of heat or power as recovery efforts in Mayfield continue.

To donate and learn more about Rodgers’s efforts, click here.