MAYFIELD, KY. (WKRN) – One family-owned restaurant is looking to give back to those that once served them after employees lost their homes and livelihoods in a tornado that wreaked on the city last week.

Carr’s Steakhouse has been a staple in the city of Mayfield for years. Located along Broadway in Mayfield, the restaurant was busy the night a tornado tore through the town. 

“My brother was the closing manager that night and I told him to push everybody out I don’t care if they’re eating, washing dishes, cooking I said you guys have got to get out of here,” said Managing Partner Daniel Carr.

With maybe ten minutes or less to spare all employees made it out before a tornado completely flattened the building.

Carr says while his family is ok, the restaurant is not. 

“It was gone. I mean, that building was gone are the Carr’s Barn BBQ that my grandparents started across the street in the 50s was just leveled, and just many buildings were gone. So, we just kind of took a minute to kind of take that in,” said Carr. 

Plans to rebuild are in the restaurant’s future, but for now, Carr said it’s time to take care of those that once worked for him. 

A GoFundMe has been launched for employees that lost their homes in the EF4 tornado. The fundraiser states 29 employees, with 22 children in total, lost their jobs after the deadly weekend storms.