OAK GROVE, Ky. (WKRN) — A military supply store employee is thankful to be safe after witnessing a dramatic police chase involving a semi-truck.

Lauren Carerra works at U.S. Patriot Tactical and had just locked up for the evening to go home when she saw something very out of the ordinary Saturday.  

“I was just about to stop at a stoplight down the road and I had seen a semi coming up really quick in the middle lane and I was thinking ‘oh, maybe his brakes are going out, like that looks really bad.’ And then I saw the police officers following behind him and then clearly at that, ‘oh, this is 100 percent a chase,’” Carerra said. 

Meanwhile, her store caught a critical moment of the pursuit on camera. The store’s surveillance showed the truck plowing through an intersection, nearly missing a car. A separate camera caught the moment one of the semi’s tires blew out, dramatically slowing down the chase. Eventually, the semi came to a stop in a Walmart parking lot roughly two miles away.

Vincent Hawkins, 33, is now behind bars in Christian County. Carerra said she was able to see him through her car window during a few moments of the chase.  

“The little moment that I saw, he was kind of just sitting down pretty relaxed. He adjusted his hat and just kind of sat up straighter like he was driving day-to-day, which was really odd to me, he wasn’t tensed up or anything,” Carerra said.  

Clarksville police said at least five cars were damaged during the chase.  

Carerra called it an “act of God” that no one was seriously injured during the pursuit.  

“He needs to be held accountable, 100% for what he’s done because there’s people that could have seriously gotten hurt, the police officers, the people who got hit,” Carerra said. “It’s just really hard for me to describe that nobody was hurt in a sense. Like I really don’t know how it was possible.” 

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Hawkins will eventually be extradited back to Tennessee where the chase began. He will face additional charges from Clarksville police.