CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ky. (WKRN) — After dealing with the chaos of Southwest Airlines flight cancellations, the Crittenden County High School girls basketball team was finally able to return home on Saturday.

The Lady Rockets were supposed to fly out on Monday, Dec. 26 to play the KSA Holiday Classic in Orlando, Florida, but a flight cancellation forced them to take a bus to the Sunshine State, delaying them by a day.

When the team finally made it to Orlando, they played three games in the tournament.

“I have taken this trip to Florida with the KSA Association. This is my sixth time over my coaching career, and it’s the first time I have ever had any issue flying,” said Shannon Hodge, the head coach of the girls basketball team at Crittenden County High School.

Then, the Lady Rockets were scheduled to fly back on Friday, Dec. 30 and ended up dealing with another cancellation.

However, they were able to catch an afternoon flight back to Nashville on Saturday, Dec. 31.

“The attitudes been good, they’ve been very flexible, so, you know, you start thinking about, ‘yeah, we need to be practicing because we’ve got games when we come back home,’ and that kind of thing too, but we had alternative plans,” explained Hodge. “Our bus that brought us down was from Southern Illinois, and I’d spoken with them. If something happened with our flight today, they were going to be able to come back and get us.”

Despite the travel turmoil, Hodge said her team had a fun trip, adding that they even got to visit Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure.