HOPKINSVILLE, KY. (WKRN) — New Year’s Day brought intense storms to both Kentucky and Tennessee.

People living in Hopkinsville said they have never experienced such devastation. Mount Olive Baptist Church on East 4th Street, received heavy damage to its roof and has serious water damage inside.

After the storm passed, Deacon Cletus Johnson went to check on the building. He has been a member for more than 30 years and seeing his beloved church damaged was difficult.

“Once the roof was gone, water started pouring in the pastor’s study, lounge, choir pews and throughout the church,” Deacon Johnson said.

Just nine hours before this storm, the church was hosting a watch night service to bring in the new year. Deacon Johnson says they plan to inspect the building and make a later decision on how they will have service.

Right across the street from Mount Olive Baptist Church is a family that moved into their new home two months ago. The storm ended up launching a tree onto their roof.

During the storm, the family was inside the bathroom praying for safety. They told News 2 they have no injuries but will have to wait to see how they can repair their roof.

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First responders have blocked off several streets near Main Street, due to debris and downed power lines.