HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Republican candidate for Kentucky governor, Daniel Cameron, announced his economic plan on Wednesday during a press conference.

During the press conference, Cameron was critical of Beshear’s administration, claiming the governor has expanded the welfare state and created a culture of dependency.

“Andy Beshear has lead as the welfare governor,” Cameron said during the press conference, “I will lead as the workforce governor.”

Cameron said his economic plan will include 10 principles that will guide him as Kentucky’s next governor. Cameron calls these principles his “Vision for Prosperity”

Cameron listed the following 10 principles as part of his Vision for Prosperity:

  • Your money belongs to you, not the government
  • Work is honorable
  • The social safety net shouldn’t be a trap
  • Merit determines outcomes
  • Families are the bedrock of society
  • A strong education system builds a strong economy
  • Kentucky should embrace its advantages, not run from them
  • Kentucky should be the best place in America to start and grow a business
  • Rural communities deserve support and opportunity
  • State government is the first line of defense against federal overreach

Cameron said every budget he submits as governor will keep Kentucky on the path to eliminating income tax. He also said he would work with the general assembly to keep tax codes “simple, fair and competitive.”

“I will be the governor who eliminates the income tax.”

Cameron also challenged Governor Beshear by claiming he bloated the welfare state. He also said many able bodied Kentuckians have not been encouraged by Beshear’s administration to find work.

“To reestablish a culture of work, and to tackle our low workforce participation rate as governor, I’ll implement work requirements for able-bodied medicaid recipients who are not taking care of their families or pursuing an education.”

Cameron said his administration will help welfare recipients get back into the workforce and avoid a “benefits cliff.” He also said his administration would strengthen workforce programs and improve coordination between state and local leaders so workers would not have to leave their community to find a job.

Following Cameron’s press conference, officials with the Kentucky Democratic Party highlighted economic growth and low unemployment rates in the state and criticized Cameron for his plans to privatize public schools and increase taxes on working people.

“Andy Beshear has delivered the two largest electric vehicle battery plants in the United States,” said Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Anna Breedlove. “Daniel Cameron’s economic plan is two posters full of empty slogans.”