MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. (WKRN) — Federal officials are investigating an incident involving at least one gunshot fired over the weekend at Mammoth Cave National Park that was prompted by an alleged sighting of Bigfoot.

A spokesperson for the national park said law enforcement rangers responded around 2 a.m. Sunday to an incident involving a person with a firearm at one of the park’s backcountry campsites.

While the park did not release any additional information, a camper named Brad Ginn told News 2 that he and his girlfriend were there at the time.

Ginn said the two went to sleep around 11 p.m. and woke up around 1 a.m. to people shining flashlights on their tent. The couple exited their tent to find a man and his young son approaching.

According to Ginn, the man explained that something had destroyed his campsite and that he kept hearing strange sounds, so he was going to investigate because this was “Bigfoot Country.”

Ginn’s girlfriend claimed she heard the same sounds.

The man reportedly showed the couple his gun and told them if they heard gunshots, they should run.

Ginn and his girlfriend returned to their tent and said about five to 10 minutes later, they heard at least one gunshot.

The man and his son returned to the couple’s tent and stated that Bigfoot had emerged from the woods, and approached them, so he had fired his weapon.

Due to the bizarre circumstances, Ginn said he and his girlfriend immediately packed up and left the campsite.

The incident remains under investigation by park law enforcement officials.