CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hundreds gathered in Clarksville Thursday as Fort Campbell personnel and family members honored the nine soldiers who died when two Black Hawk helicopters crashed in Kentucky last month.

Those nine soldiers who lost their lives in the March 29 crash have been identified as Staff Sgt. Joshua Gore, 25; Chief Warrant Officer 2 Zachary Esparza, 36; Sgt. David Solinas Jr., 23; Staff Sgt. Taylor Mitchell, 30; Sgt. Isaac J. Gayo, 27; Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rusten Smith, 32; Warrant Officer Aaron Healy, 32; Cpl. Emilie Marie Eve Bolanos, 23; and Warrant Officer Jeffery Barnes, 33.

The crash happened in Trigg County during a routine, night-time training mission involving crew chiefs, pilots, and medics, officials said.

“I knew each of these heroes. I flew with them, I trained with them, and I fellowshipped with them,” said Lt. Col. Tyler Espinoza, commander of 6th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment. “And on 29 March, in my darkest hour, I landed to find my soldiers and my friends gone.”

Those who spoke to the crowd on Thursday, April 13 emphasized the nine people killed were more than just soldiers, but dear friends and family members who were willing to lay down their lives to save others.

“Numerous soldiers within the Shadow Battalion expressed their wish to have been on that flight instead of their buddies,” Espinoza said.

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“May our heroes rest in peace and forever fly upon the wings of destiny,” Col. Clint Cody, commander of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, told the crowd.

The memorial service — which you can watch in its entirety on Fort Campbell’s Facebook page — was preceded by a private ceremony for the families of the soldiers. The 101st Airborne Division also conducted a fly over to honor the lives lost.