(WKRN) — Bowling Green police are on the lookout for a man they say has lied multiple times about being a police officer.

Robert Sharp is a suspect who came under scrutiny after he reportedly offered children candy late last month while wearing a police uniform and driving a police-like vehicle.

According to a BGPD report, the girls were nervous and the man, later identified as Sharp said, “It’s okay, I’m a cop.” The report indicates he then showed them a badge.

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According to the report, Kentucky officers spoke with Sharp who said he was out campaigning for District 1 Constable and he was passing out candy to kids.

Sharp told the BGPD investigator at the time he was a Metro Nashville Police Officer, according to the report, and even suggested the officer vote for him.

The report also indicated that BGPD investigators seized a police badge from Sharp’s home. That badge is from the Millersville Police Department where, in late 2021, Sharp was a police reserve.

The BGPD officer asked Sharp if he was a police officer and Sharp said, “yes.” The BGPD officer asked him where and after a “short hesitation” he said, “I’m actually a reserve officer.”

When the BGPD investigator asked where, the report states, “There was a longer hesitation and he said, ‘well I was a police officer in Millersville but I recently resigned.'” When asked if he was a current officer, the report states, Sharp said “no.”

According to the investigation, the BGPD officer asked Sharp why he was telling people he was a police officer when he was not. The report states, “He responded, I didn’t tell those girls I was a cop. I said but you did show them a badge while wearing a vest that had police written in large letters, that is representing yourself as an officer, you would agree?” According to the report, Sharp responded, “when you say it that way, yes.”

News 2 has learned that in early 2022, Millersville Police offered Sharp, a reserve officer, a full-time police job, but he had to attend the law enforcement training academy first.

Sharp never even got to his first day at the LETN because of an incident that took place Jan. 20, 2022.

According to Millersville police, they terminated the 34-year-old candidate because of a high-speed chase that took place where Sharp chased another motorist in his own car at speeds close to 115 mph.

“He called 911 to say he was a Millersville police officer off duty and in pursuit of a car in excess of 115 miles an hour,” said Captain Chuck Consiglio.

According to Consiglio, Sharp was not a Millersville officer and he had no right to be chasing another citizen at 115 miles an hour. “It’s illegal and very dangerous. We have big problems with that.”

Consiglio added, when the other driver left, he called 911 and complained about Sharp, who continued to chase the motorist into Kentucky. That’s where Kentucky State Police stopped both drivers and Millersville police were notified.

“We got the call, and made the decision to get in touch with him get him to bring his stuff in, and terminate his employment,” Consiglio said.

Investigators told News 2 if Sharp has a Millersville Police badge, then he is not authorized to have it.

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News 2 has checked with Metro Police—MNPD says it has no record of Robert Sharp ever working at Metro.

If anyone has knowledge of the whereabouts of Robert Sharp, you should call the local authorities.