Warning: This story contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WKRN) — More than a dozen dogs were rescued and brought to a humane society in southern Kentucky following the discovery of the animals’ horrible living conditions.

“What is more sad than seeing a dog in a shelter kennel? Seeing them in a home where they would rather be absolutely ANYWHERE else,” the Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, Sept. 28. “When ‘home’ is a nightmare, the word ‘shelter’ takes on a whole new meaning.”

The nonprofit said it recently helped animal control officers with a situation where more than 14 dogs were living — partially with their owner — in a travel camper, adding that the canines were in desperate need of rescue from these unbelievable conditions.

All of the dogs inside the camper were reportedly removed, brought to the humane society, and surrendered into the organization’s care by their owner.

According to the humane society, the canines range in size, age, body conditions, and temperament. However, all of the dogs who were seized had medical issues, such as flea infestation, open sores and abscesses, malnutrition, healing bite wounds, and an old eye injury that got infected after not healing properly.

Even though one of the animals was beyond saving, the organization reported that “she did spend her last bit of time with us and we made sure that she was spoiled rotten and made to feel so loved that maybe, just maybe, she could forget her sad past for a while at the end of her journey.”

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Staff members at the humane society — who said they did not have room for more animals — worked late into the night to rearrange the dogs who were already at the facility in order to make space for the seized animals so they would not have to spend any more time in the camper.

“Although there is NO excuse for allowing this situation to happen, the point of this post is NOT to dwell on the owner,” the humane society wrote on Facebook. “They are being dealt with according to the law and we hope they are given the tools to create a healthier environment for themselves while not being given the responsibility of any more lives.”

Anyone interested in donating to support these dogs’ care can do so by following this link. As of this writing, the organization has already received $2,118 through a Facebook fundraiser.

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If the total amount of donations surpasses what is needed for this particular case, that money is set to go into the humane society’s Sick & Injured Medical Fund, which aims to help other shelter pets in similar situations.