UPDATE: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that 3-year-old Noah Clare and 16-year-old Amber Clare have been found safe and sound, just outside of San Clemente, California. Jacob “Jake” Clare is also in custody. Read the latest details as they come in here.

GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Tuesday, the family of Amber Clare begged authorities to issue an AMBER Alert for the missing 16-year-old girl. The teen is believed to be with her uncle and 3-year-old cousin, for whom an AMBER Alert was issued Tuesday afternoon.

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For the past 10 days, Amber’s mother has been waiting for her daughter to come home. The 16-year-old was originally considered a runaway, but now the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is labeling her as an “Endangered Child.”

“I can’t handle it as much, so I end up crying and send her a message on messenger just hoping she sees it,” said Jamie Bravata, Amber’s mother. “We’re searching for her, waking up in the morning and trying to find her.”

On Tuesday, there was a new development in the search for 3-year-old Noah Clare and his cousin Amber. The two were taken by Noah’s father, Jacob Clare. Noah was taken from his Gallatin home, while Amber left her home in Kentucky.

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All three were last seen traveling in a grey Subaru Legacy with distinctive stickers on the rear end. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced the Subaru was found in San Clemente, Calif. with the original stickers gone.

“If Jake was watching this, he needs to just step up and do the right thing and bring them home. He’s not going to be able to take care of them forever,” said Bravata.

On Tuesday, the TBI issued an AMBER Alert for Noah, but now some are questioning why one hasn’t been issued for Amber.

“If we have one for Amber, it will help find Noah too. It will get it out there more to people that aren’t on social media networks,” said Bravata.

In a Tweet reply, TBI Communication Specialist, Leslie Earhart responded stating, they “have no reason to believe she’s recently been in TN and therefore, we have no jurisdiction to issue an alert related to her.”

“The last time I spoke with one of the TBI, he said that he was trying to help push for one, but the Kentucky State Police were the ones holding that back,” said Bravata.

Bravata told News 2, her daughter has a medical condition that requires her to take seizure medication. Her prescription was left at home, and now Bravata worries without it, her condition could worsen, “sudden explained death, due to not having her seizure medicine, but I guess there must be other criteria I have no idea about.”

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The TBI has requested assistance from California authorities in an effort to spread the word about the case.