FLOYD CO., Ky. (WCMH) – Confronting a family member is often tense enough but things took a dangerous turn when a Kentucky man caught his cousin stealing a cheese grater, among other household items, and had a gun pulled on him.  

Mason Tackett told WYMT that neighbors called him when they saw his cousin Phillip Matthew Hagens taking items from his home.

“When I finally got down here to the house to look and see what happened, the door was wide open. It looked like he was packing up for a yard sale when he come out,” Tackett told WYMT. “I went around the back of that house he was at and seen my stuff.”

Tackett said that’s when Hagens pointed a gun at him.

“I guess he thought I was upset with him,” Tackett said.

Tackett told WYMT Hagens was attempting to take some very unexpected items, including a cheese grater, an empty bottle of Lysol and soap.

“Who steals a cheese grater?” Tackett asked. “What got me the most was my soap. He stole my soap! Who steals soap?”

Law enforcement officials think this crime and others in the area are a result of the rise in methamphetamine use. Tackett didn’t dismiss the idea.

“Must have been a bad batch around here, ‘cause Floyd County has gone crazy here in the last four days,” he said.

Hagens was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and possessing a weapon under disability.  Tackett plans to file additional charges against him.