Was I dreaming? I had gone to bed long before the Predators and Jets waged war on skates in Game 2 in Bridgestone Arena.

I had to get some sleep for my daytime job with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department Sunday night. The Predators had taken a 4-1 beating in Game 1 on Saturday. Game 2 was one for the books when it took two overtime periods to decide a two overtime 5-4 game in favor of Nashville.

It tied the best-of-seven series at 1-1.

When all looked lost, somehow the Predators had just enough gas in their tank to muster the game-winning goal by Kevin Fiala on a breakaway goal.

It broke a 4-4 tie when Craig Smith found Fiala who performed a miracle.

Was I dreaming? I got up some time in the night and didn’t know the final score. For all I knew, the Jets won. They had given the Predators all the fight for the night.

As I write this Monday at six bells in the afternoon, I still don’t believe it.

Two overtimes? I thought the Predators’ dream of returning to the Stanley Cup was dead and buried.

I still don’t believe it. They’re going to Winnipeg to play the next two games.

The Predators are still alive. I slept right through the miracle on ice.

The Predators were on life support. But they had a pulse. It was 4-4 before Fiala refused to pull the plug on his team.

Danged if the Predators are in Winnipeg. It’s Monday night, just enough time to solve the puzzle. Where is Winnipeg located? It’s in Canada somewhere. It’s true. I see it on the map. Thank you, Google.

The series is still alive.

I saw just enough of Games 1 and 2 to know the Predators better summon all the hockey acumen they have while in Winnipeg. That team is some hockey team.

They fly up and down the ice like nobody’s business. I see why they are named the Jets. Fang Fingers better get their act together before they hear the sound of Taps playing in the background.

They physically pound their opponents and leave them mortally wounded.

It will take everything the Predators can throw at them to survive this series.

These Jets aren’t playing.

I still think I was dreaming. It’s Monday. They play again Tuesday.

I’m going to bed now.

Joe Biddle is a WKRN.com sports columnist. He is also a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Contact him at joebiddle11@gmail.com.