JOE BIDDLE: Enjoy our sports explosion

Smashville, Nashville Predators

For those of us who served in the military, we are all too familiar with the saying, “Hurry up and wait.’’ 

That’s what sports fans have to do starting Thursday with the NFL draft, on to the Predators-Winnipeg best five out of seven series in the chase for hockey’s Lord Stanley Cup. Game 1 is Friday night in Smashville.  

Nobody knows how long they will take this journey on ice. Their first series went six games with the Avs. This series against the Jets may well go the full seven games. If it does, Game 7 will be in Bridgestone Arena and the Mid-state will be on fire. 

The Titans will take two days to welcome their new crop of college football players that they hope will help produce a run for the NFL playoffs. This is the professional guessing game and in reality, no one knows what the one-two combination of GM Jon Robinson and rookie head coach Mike Vrabel will grab off the shelves to boost the current roster. 

They pick No. 25 in the first round Thursday night that is if J-Rob doesn’t go on a shopping spree, as he did last year. He had more ammunition last year. This year he will go for quality, not quantity and hope for the best. 

As I write this, I predict if they stay for the 25th selection, it will be somewhere in the 10 o’clock range, probably later if they have to sit through an array of commercials.  

They continue mining for gold Saturday until it’s over. Then fans can start picking the new players they like or what they shake their heads at. 

I’m sure I have missed other sporting events for this weekend. I’m also certain you readers will let me have it. You rarely ever miss a chance to call me a bonehead or worse. 

But remember when we didn’t have the NHL, the NFL, and professional soccer for goodness sakes during this time of year. 

We also have to remember the annual half-and full marathons this weekend. Streets will be closed for the races, if traffic in this town isn’t enough to drive you crazy. 

It wasn’t all that long ago that we had to manufacture sports entertainment on weekends in the spring So live with it. 

Joe Biddle is a sports columnist. He is also a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Contact him at

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