Jessie James Decker curates Christmas wish list


Country music singer, mom of 3 and clothing designer, reality TV star and author, Jessie James Decker, does it all… quite literally.

She’ll tell you her most important role, however, is being a mom.

So it’s not surprising that she has a special place in her heart for helping other children.

Decker works with Save the Children, a non-profit global humanitarian organization that works to ensure every child has a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. 

In November, Decker teamed up with eBay to curate a list of Christmas presents for her children, that anyone could bid on by donating money.

“It’s a non-profit that ensures children have a healthy start to life. I am a mother of 3, I have a 4 year old a 3 year old and an 8 month old, so anything involving children and making sure they have a healthy life, is really near and dear to me. so immediately I was like yes, what can we do. So we did a sweepstakes together, it’s been an amazing campaign, to spread awareness, and it’s been really special so far.” 

The contest is over now, but the list is still active on eBay, so if you’re looking for ideas to get your children, take inspiration from Decker! 

“I put a list together a list of all the toys, my daughter is very vocal! She knows more about what’s cool and trendy as far as the toys go than I do. Like Hatchables, she told me about Hatchables. She told me about the LOL Dolls, I’m like what is this! My son is very vocal about Paw Patrol, Forest can’t talk yet but he’s into what he’s into. So we put an entire list together of all the toys that my kids are telling me are awesome. So we all know what they are getting for Christmas now. eBay helped me put this list together,” she says. 

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Decker is also staying busy with her  music career. She just released a Christmas album and is about to kick off a tour in 2019, where you’ll hear her new EP.

“Everything is a transition for me, everything is about my life and the music just grows when I grow. I haven’t been on tour in 2 years, but I did put an album out last year, Southern Girl City Lights, which was just perfect for that time period of me. This next album doesn’t have a name yet but its very fitting for where I am at this stage in my life,” says Decker. 

Being a mom doesn’t stop just because she’s on tour, either.

Decker says she’ll take the kids with her for part of the tour. “I’ve got 25 days yes I am taking the kids with me on some, some that they won’t be involved in my mom will be back with them home. I was very particular about how long I would be gone. They are 3 dates for the week so I get to go on the road for 3 days then come home right back home with the babies.  So Eric will come with me to some, and then he will stay home on others.” 

In what little or non-existent spare time Decker has, she also runs a lifestyle clothing company called Kittenish. “I am very blessed to be able to do what I do. I always say I am just super ADD I can’t focus on anything too long, I just have so many different things that I love and that I am passionate about and that I love being involved in. I feel like the possibilities are endless when you have a good team around you and a good family. So I will have an idea and everyone is like yup go for it do it. I just put a book out that did really well, I will be putting another one out soon,” she says. 

Her Kittenish brand has been solely online, but early 2019, she’ll officially open the doors to a Kittenish store in the Gulch. 

Kittenish has a cult-following among her fans and women of all ages. “Kittenish to me is the ‘kittenish girl.’ The confident girl-next-door, silly, it’s all of us. It’s the majority of the women I know. Being confident in your own skin, you have to feel confident on the inside for it to showcase on the outside. That’s the message of Kittenish. So I like to make clothes and pieces that make women feel beautiful and just add that little cherry on top to what is already inside.” 

The Kittenish store will be on 11th Avenue South in the Gulch, right next to Barrry’s Bootcamp. No official day for opening has been set yet. 

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