CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – He saw the gun and he heard the commands to surrender, but he fled anyway.  

On Tuesday, Danny Vowell, a man wanted in two counties and two states, talked to News 2 about the dangerous day and why he did what he did on Aug. 14.  

Standing in an orange jail jumpsuit, Vowell said he ran from police because he knew he had outstanding warrants.  

He told News 2 he went to see his grandmother that day and was heading to work when he encountered Cheatham County Deputy David Diaz in his girlfriend’s SUV.  

“My quick thought is this – if you got love in your heart show it, don’t show no hate. If you have something to try and take care of, then take care of it, and get on with life, man, because that is the most important thing.” 

Investigators said they took multiple calls from several motorists about a person, later identified as Vowell, driving erratically on Aug. 14. 

Vowell said that is not true and he told News 2 he was not speeding.  

Deputy Diaz eventually found the 29-year-old in a subdivision. He pulled his gun and ordered Vowell to stop.  

Vowell pulled close to the deputy and pled his case before driving by the deputy despite the gun being pointed right at him.   

“He put his gun on me. I said, ‘I have no gun.’ I said, ‘Please don’t shoot.’ I said it like five times. I was scared, dude. Really. The reason I drove by him is because I didn’t want to sit there and then I knew I was going to jail. That is the God’s truth.” 

Vowell sped away from the deputy down a windy, dangerous road. He said he lost control and hit a guard rail, destroying the tire and car’s front end.  

Vowell ran into the woods and hid in a creek bed. 

He told News 2 his only regret is wrecking his fiancé’s car.  

Body cam showed Deputy Diaz getting his AR 15 and entering the woods.  

Vowell said he heard the deputy shouting and stayed low.  

“I sat in that creek and drank creek water for about six hours,” he said with a smile. 

After several hours, the manhunt was canceled and Vowell slipped away.  

The manhunt was eventually called off and Vowell managed to escape, only to surrender a few days later.  

When asked why he decided to surrender, Vowell said, “I have a fiancé that I love to death and I have kids I’m trying to take care of. I want this behind me. I don’t want to run every time I come across someone. I want to go work like everyone else and take care of my kids and love life.” 

Vowell is also wanted in Williamson County on a violation of parole charge. He is also wanted out of Texas on failure to appear charges.