NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police are investigating after $250,000 worth of equipment was stolen around 4:15 Tuesday morning in East Nashville.

Adam Doleac, who is currently on tour with Zac Brown Band, says the trailer has spent countless nights in the private lot outside of his home in recent weeks. He was shocked to see it missing when he woke up.

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Inside of the trailer were various instruments and AV gear that took him and his band several years to acquire.

According to the police report obtained by News 2, officers checked the area for any signs of the theft but did not find anything.

In the day since, Adam has been leading his own search party and driving everywhere to see if he can spot it.

“It’s just lazy, lazy people out there that don’t want to work for their own thing or get their own money or get their own job,” Doleac said. “The thing with a trailer, whether it’s marked or not, it’s full of something and these guys are just taking a stab and don’t care about the people who own the trailer.”

Doleac and his team believe they are not the first victim and certainly won’t be the last.

“I want to find them for me, but this is probably the fourth trailer stolen this week so he’s going to continue to do it,” he said.

Metro police have investigated thefts from musicians multiple times over the last several months. Doleac says after 18 months away from the road due to the pandemic, it’s frustrating that people in the music industry can’t catch a break.

“It’s very maddening,” Doleac said. “We finally are getting back out there and for us, with Zac Brown Band, the biggest tour we’ve been invited to be a part of as of yet, we got three shows in. People just can’t understand the amount of time and effort that goes into putting a show together for 15,000 people every night.”

Since he tweeted out videos and pictures, several people in the music industry and beyond have reached out.

“Thank you,” he said. “I think I’ve heard from every single person I know as far as ‘use my guitar, use my amp use that,’ we’ve had a lot of people reach out which has been really sweet of everybody to do and we’re hoping we don’t have to use that option, but a big thank you to the Nashville music community.”

The car is believed to be a 2002 white escalade. The trailer is black with chrome wheels and has the word “challenger” on the side. If you know anything that could help investigators, call Nashville Crime Stoppers 615-74-CRIME.