‘It’s just Armageddon’ North Carolina residents prepare for Florence recovery


After days of moving towards the Carolina coast, Hurricane Florence finally made her presence known in Wilmington, North Carolina.  

“It’s just Armageddon. It is the worst storm I have been through in the 40 years of living on the coast,” said Ryan Bennett, a Wilmington resident.  

The neighborhoods in Downtown got hit hard, with down trees at every turn.  

“All these back roads, there is no way to get through anywhere. Right in front of our house, we can’t get through on Market Street,” said Bennett.  

As residents woke up, they were left shocked at what they saw.  

“The first time I got out of the house, I was just amazed. There are limbs in our driveway. There is even a line for cable down,” said resident Grayson Trivett.  

To make matters worse, the power in downtown Wilmington went out as the hurricane passed through. But there were other issues as well.  

As the rain continues to, some of the low-lying areas in downtown Wilmington have started to flood. Some areas were as high as the ankles.  

Wrightsville Beach was evacuated because of potential flooding. Residents who heeded that warning are glad they did.  

“This never happens here. That’s well over. This is just a little lake over here and this water never flows over,” said resident Jeff Turpin.  

But on this day, it did. And with more rain predicted in the forecast, flooding in some areas could continue.  

As for what’s next for residents?  

“We are just batting down the hatches and getting ready for cleanup mode.” 

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