LYNNVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — $1 million reward now being offered up in a Giles County murder that happened 6 months ago Tuesday.

Jim Grimes was shot and killed outside his Lynnville home, and investigators said they’re closing in on the culprit.

Sheriff Kyle Helton announced the major increase in reward money during a news conference Tuesday morning.

He said there is a person of interest in the case, but they have yet to be named.

A family is sharing their heartache as their father’s murder remains unsolved.

The well-loved businessman leaves behind a mourning wife, children, and grandchildren.

“It’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare,” Jim’s stepson Tyler Jones told News 2.

It is a nightmare that has become reality at the family’s most peaceful place — home.

“It just seems unreal that it could possibly have been six months already because it feels like it was yesterday,” said Jim’s daughter Jessie Grimes.

The heart of their family was killed on his 20-acre farm while feeding his animals.

“I don’t think anybody expects to be in this situation. You see this in movies and on TV. You never expect it to happen in your backyard,” said Tyler. 

The family is now left trying to grieve, while their loved one’s mysterious murder remains unsolved. 

“It’s just frustrating ’cause I know everybody is doing the best job they can and working as hard as they can on the case, but it’s just frustrating sometimes because you feel like you are so close but you are still so far away,” Jim’s son Jon said. 

The family has made countless efforts for answers with banners, billboards and rewards.

“Closure is the main thing on our mind. We want to know who, what, why. It just doesn’t make any sense,” Tyler shook his head. 

It’s left the family feeling helpless as the clock continues to tick.

“You name it, we’ve felt it. There’s been a celebration for his life, there’s been anger for his death, there’s been sadness,” Tyler explained.

“I don’t know how anybody around here can feel safe knowing this person is still out there and there wasn’t a motive for this. There was no reason for this, so what’s to keep him from doing it to your family,” questioned Jessie. 

While this family is pleading for the community’s help, they are also vowing to find the dark soul that killed their dad. 

“It’s not an option. It’s not an option,” his son Mike stated.

“No, we will get answers. It doesn’t matter how long it takes we will get answers,” added Jessie. 

“I am asking for support, for people to be there to support us, to support our family, to support law enforcement to find justice for Jim. You know we are not all over the national news, we don’t have national support that some other cases have, but my husband was somebody to us and this case deserves that recognition so I’m asking please come out and support us tomorrow,” Jim’s widow Dawn cried.