WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) — From Perry to Hickman and Humphreys Counties, a multi-county manhunt has come to an end.

Hayden Chappell is now behind bars in Humphreys County, facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of meth with intent and motor vehicle theft.

News 2 was the only crew there as Chappell was brought into jail.

It’s been more than two weeks since Chappell was accused of dragging a Perry County deputy with his car.

A tip Monday morning led deputies to the 21-year-old at a home on Ogden Road.

“He’s been pretty elusive for us,” Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told News 2.

The takedown followed a seven-hour standoff at a home on Old Nashville Highway Sunday.

“We’d received information about some of the items he had stolen the night before — a side by side and a motorcycle,” Sheriff Davis explained. 

Drone footage shows deputies with the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office and the Dickson County Special Operations Response Team gaining entry and delivering a “throw phone” in order to establish communication inside the house, but Chappell was already gone.

Chappell was on the run, wanted for multiple charges including the aggravated assault of a Perry County deputy, after officials say he dragged the deputy with his vehicle.

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“The deputy was attempting to make a traffic stop and mister Chappell had drug the deputy some distance injuring him pretty bad,” Sheriff Davis said.

Sheriff Davis also said Chappell didn’t stop there as he continued to commit crimes. This case, the sheriff says is an example of what drugs can do to someone and he hopes this arrest will get Chappell on a better path.

“You know everybody is somebody’s somebody and that’s one of the things we try to do. Yeah he’s made some decisions he is going to have to pay for, but long term if we can keep the revolving door from happening, that’s what the goal always is,” said Sheriff Davis. 

Chappell is being held on a more than $100,000 bond.