‘It smells like an old, rotten egg:’ Water leak in Nashville apartment lasts weeks


A Nashville man is at his wit's end, as his living room and kitchen slowly fill with water. But apartment management remains mum, weeks after the leak sprung.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two Nashville residents are at their wits’ end; their living room and kitchen slowly fill with water. But weeks after the leak sprung, apartment management remains mum.

Step inside Timothy Trimble’s apartment and the problems are apparent.

“As you can see, my carpet is completely soaked,” he explained as we walked in the door. “I’ve tried to reach out to my apartment managers about this.”

The air is heavy. The smell is thick.

The Park at Hillside apartments is billed as convenient, carefree, and comfortable. But for Trimble and roommate Stephen Hunter, the last two and a half weeks have been anything but.

“It smells like an old rotten egg,” Hunter said.

“Heavy air, very mildewy moldy,” Trimble added.

The issues started the first week of July as water began to flow freely from the water heater closet.

“We heard tinkling, was like ‘where is that from?'” Hunter explained. “Looked into the closet, seen water was rushing out of the pipe.”

Turns out the leak starts every time water flows somewhere in the apartment, meaning they must now rely on neighbors and friends for things like using the toilet, taking showers and washing dishes.

“We have to be on other people’s time,” Trimble said. “Whenever our neighbors are home.”

Despite a steady stream of phone calls and office visits, they’ve had few answers nearly three weeks later.

News 2 attempted to reach apartment management a myriad of ways, including voicemails, emails, and stopping by the office.

Before entering the office though, an employee locked the doors and drew the blinds in our faces. Our messages were not returned.

“That lets you know,” Hunter said. “The world needs to hear this.”

Problem is, Trimble is locked in a lease through January.

He and Hunter now hope that if word gets out, management will get a glimpse of their life at ‘The Park.’

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