(WCMH) — It has been 22 years since Tupac Shakur was shot and killed, but he keeps “showing up” places. Los Angeles. Sweden. Cuba. And even earlier this year, in Somalia. 

The prolific Shakur was shot and killed at his peak in September 1996, though he has been “spotted” many times since then, fueling conspiracy theories he was never killed. 

His album “Me Against the World” hit the top of the charts when he was in prison for sexual assault. “Keep Ya Head Up,” ”Life Goes On,” ”Ambitionz Az a Ridah” and “Changes” are among his best-known songs.

He recorded so much while alive that releases kept flowing after his death–as do reports he is still alive, and faked his death to return later.

In February, a Somali man told The Mirror, a British tabloid, that he spotted Pac inside a car in Somalia–around the time the USA Network released its “Unsolved” true crime series, based on the murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

Tupac has also been allegedly sighted elsewhere, including in 2017 in New Jersey, in 2015 in California, in 2014 in Boston and Los Angeles, in 2012 in Sweden and Los Angeles.