Investigators credit News 2 in helping solve catalytic converter crime spree


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Multiple crimes may have been solved thanks to area law enforcement watching News 2 and then sharing information about similar cases.

The crime wave began the morning of June 2 in Berry Hill. That’s when Berry Hill detectives tell News 2 that a black and silver Ram 1500 is captured on surveillance video driving onto a Berry Hill work site.

Video shows three men moving around work trucks. Police say the men stole three catalytic converters from three work trucks and tear a $5,000 welding device from another vehicle.

An hour later, Cheatham County deputies worked a tip in Pleasant View at a local motel. Deputies didn’t know about the Berry Hill crime, but they did have information that an ex-con named Todd Tucker may be in a parking lot of a motel in a black and silver Ram pickup truck.

Deputies say it is suspected that the 31-year-old Tucker is there because there are many work trucks and heavy equipment parked in the parking lot. Video shows a deputy approaching the truck and ordering the driver out of the vehicle. Tucker complies and is arrested without incident.

Deputies later told News 2 that there were 18 catalytic converters and a welding device in the back of the truck, which is also now confirmed as stolen out of Nashville.

Cheatham County detectives suspect the welding device, and the catalytic converters are from other crime scenes, but from where is unknown. That is until the Berry Hill crime was shown on News 2.

Cheatham County Lt. Ken Miller said the moment he saw the News 2 CrimeTracker report, he knew that he had vital information to help Berry Hill detectives solve their crime.

“Yes sir, that is exactly how it worked out,” Lt. Ken Miller said in the impound lot where the Dodge Ram 1500 is being impounded.

Standing beside Lt. Miller was Berry Hill detective Tony Russo.

“We got some info from one of your stories that you put out there, and with a description and a few things, I said, what are the chances this is a coincidence?” Miller added.

Det. Russo told News 2 that his victims never thought they would ever get their stolen merchandise back.

“And it just shows how the community can come together from other jurisdictions and counties to where we can solve all these type crimes and get these guys off the street. There is more coming out of this than this incident here.”

Lt. Ken Miller told News 2 that this one pickup truck full of catalytic converters and stolen items is of great interest to other detectives in the Middle Tennessee area.

Tucker is charged with multiple counts of theft, possession of burglary tools, and possession of drugs that include methamphetamine. Police are now working to determine who the other 15 catalytic converters found in the back of the truck belong to.

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