AVON, Ind. (WISH) – A mother is disgusted after she says her son sent her pictures of a moldy sandwich given to him when he forgot his lunch money.

In a Facebook post, Amy Wittaker-Anders said her son forgot his lunch money and was given a moldy peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

There was reportedly mold on the outside and inside of the bread.

The school replaced her son’s sandwich but she says he was afraid to eat it.

Her son also told her the same thing happened to his friend two weeks ago and Wittaker-Anders attached the pictures to her social media post.

Avon Community School Corporation released this statement in response to the incident:

We are grateful to be made aware of the situation and have reached out to the parents and apologized. This is an unacceptable human error and we are looking into it to ensure that this never happens again.”

Anders ended her Facebook post saying, “I have no idea how someone could not see this was bad when handing it out!”