Immersive Van Gogh exhibit coming to Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —A one-of-a-kind exhibit is coming to Nashville in the fall, featuring the work of Vincent Van Gogh in a unique way. Italian artist, Massimiliano Siccardi created this experience that’s not just art on walls.

With each city, the producers choose an interesting building to showcase, then they create a massive art installation where the work of Van Gogh is projected onto the walls, the ceiling, and the floor all around you.

Pieces of Van Gogh’s work can be seen on every surface of the building, so you are completely immersed in the art and the building itself becomes part of the show.

“Massimiliano Siccardi animates the pieces so the flowers sway in the wind and the clouds go by and the stars, the stars twinkle,” said Corey Ross, one of the producers of the show. “But that’s really the beginning, the really what’s most interesting about what Massimiliano does, and his creations is, is that he samples, so we’ve licensed 400 pieces of art from the greatest museums around the world, images of the art, and that’s his raw material, but he’s sort of like a music DJ, where he samples from one piece of music samples from another brings it together to create a whole new song,” said Ross.

The entire exhibit is 500,000 cubic feet in all. Ross said the art is all around you.

“What Massimiliano tries to do is take us inside the mind of Van Gogh, and his point of departure is what would have flashed before Van Gogh’s eyes and the moments before he passed away. So that becomes this visual journey that you go inside the psychology of Van Gogh, the mind of Van Gogh through all his images in refracted by the artistic vision of Massimiliano Siccardi. And really, there’s nothing like it. It’s a combination of art exhibit and film, because technically, it is an animated film that’s happening all around you,” said Ross.

The exhibit has already sold more than 1.5 million tickets for their shows.

As for who should attend, Ross says it’s for just about anyone. The installation is perfect for art enthusiasts but it’s also a great way for people and kids to be introduced to Van Gogh for the first time.

“It’s completely new way of encountering art. It’s a new artistic medium,” said Ross. Those who attend can spend as long or as little as they like inside the event.

“It’s a little bit of everything. There are folks that sit on the floor, there are some benches there are folks that walk through. This experience is one where you also control the journey and choose what you’re going to do. The average person is about an hour inside the exhibit,” said Ross.

Another integral part of the show is the music, so much so that there’s now a dedicated Spotify playlist available online.

“The whole show is choreographed to music that’s created by another Italian gentleman, a composer named Luca Longobardi, who’s also been working with Van Gogh for many years,” said Ross.

Massimiliana Siccardi’s work has also been seen in popular Netflix show, “Emily in Paris.”

The exhibit will be held at a secret venue “in the heart of Nashville” to be announced before it opens. Ticket holders will receive an email with the venue name and location once it is made public.

Tickets are on sale now for the exhibit that starts September 4, 2021 and can be purchased here.

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