‘I would just say, protect all you can’, Business owners warns others after Instagram account disappears


COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Cookeville staple now for nine years, Luxe Boutique can be found downtown.

The boutique is the brainchild of Resa and Crystal Roberts.

“We decided we wanted to stay home,” explained Resa. “Have more flexibility with our kids, had a passion for fashion.”

“We all have our own secrets on how to own and operate a business,” added Crystal.

Their top tool in this digital age has been social media, mainly Instagram.

“It’s kind of how we pulled in all our customers, let people know we were here,” said Resa. “By sharing and liking and tagging people, it’s how you get word out there you even exist,”

They’ve done more than exist on Instagram, they’ve thrived until last Saturday. They found their 20-thousand plus followers had dipped down to zero, and their account was gone.

“Honestly we woke up one Saturday morning to our employees asking, what happened to the Instagram page,” said Resa. “We all started logging in and it was gone.”

Their profile had seemingly been hacked and deleted, and they tell News 2 their inquiries to Instagram fell on deaf ears.

“We tried every avenue possible, literally went through every help option for Instagram, and sent the message to let them know it had happened,” said Resa. “But they never reached out.”

This small business social media dilemma, not the first. A Google search will bring up similar horror stories, for others relying on the social media app for business.

The Roberts’ are now sounding the alarm for other owners.

“I would just say, protect all you can,” said Resa. “Make sure that you have your passwords and everything in check.”

Good news late Tuesday! Through News 2’s conversation with Facebook, Luxe’s Instagram account has been restored.

A Facebook spokesperson also sent the following statement:

“Keeping people safe on Instagram is our highest priority. We encourage people to report any unusual account activity to us and ensure their accounts on other online services, such as email, are secure. You can also strengthen your account security by enabling features like two-factor authentication.” 

For more tips on account security, click here.

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