NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — A Nashville man says someone fired a shot into his car while he was driving on Interstate 65. It happened last week as he was approaching the Wedgewood Avenue exit just south of downtown Nashville.

The man wanted to remain anonymous for his own safety but says he didn’t do anything to provoke the other driver and has no idea why someone would fire a pistol at his car.

“I was just driving minding my own business. Didn’t blow my horn. Didn’t do anything to anyone,” the man said.

The man says the gunshot came from an older model, white SUV on raised tires.

“He got up right beside me, pulled in front of me a little bit. Next thing I know the tinted window on the passenger side rolls down slowly. He sticks his arm out with a black gun and goes pop! Shot my car in the hood and took off,” the man said.

But road rage incidents don’t always include guns. Columbia Fire and Rescue spokeswoman, Hanna Miller, says crews have worked several accidents in recent months that were the result of aggressive driving.

“Road rage incidents are on the rise nationwide and unfortunately we have experienced that right here in Columbia, Tennessee as well,” Miller said.

Miller says one man was even airlifted to a local hospital recently following a road rage incident. She says a man clipped another car in retaliation to being cut off, but lost control of his own. It flipped and he was ejected onto the highway. He later died from his injuries.

“These types of accidents are completely avoidable. It’s understandable that sometimes we’re all on the road. We’re in a hurry to get somewhere these days. There’s gonna be some frustration at times,” Miller said. “I would like to remind all drivers to take a deep breath. Relax. It can be frustrating but it’s not worth getting injured yourself or injuring another person.”

The Nashville man shot on I-65 says he’s lucky to be alive and uninjured, but he hopes it doesn’t happen to someone else.

“They shot at me. They might shoot at you too next,” the man said.

Road rage and aggressive driving are both criminal offenses punishable by law. If you know anything about the shooting on I-65 call Metro Police or Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME.