WAVERLY, Tenn (WKRN) — Muddy floors, clothes, and memories are what’s left inside Shelia Stewart’s Waverly home. Nearly everything she and her husband own are gone after last weekend’s catastrophic flooding.

“This is my third flood, and they say three times is charmed. But I’m not charmed by this at all,” Stewart said.

On Saturday, the Stewarts rushed to move their five vehicles to higher ground as water rose past the banks of Trace Creek. But they couldn’t outrun mother nature. All five cars were swept away, landing in neighbor’s yards, and pinned up against houses.

“They’re all junk now, I guess,” Stewart said.

But in comparison to others, the Stewarts say they’re lucky. The flood lifted the home next door completely off its foundation and moved it into the backyard. But after three floods, Shelia Stewart says she’s had enough.

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“I just want out of here. I want somewhere where I don’t have to worry. You don’t want to go to bed at night hearing it rains and think well is this it? Is it going to do it again? Do I have to get up? Do I have to leave? What do I need to do? So, I’m ready to go,” Stewart said.

Stewart says she’s just thankful she and her husband made it out alive.

In addition to their home and five cars, the Stewart’s backyard garage and rental property across the street were also severely damaged.