‘I have to do something’: Family raises money to offer cash reward 4 years after teen reported missing


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department is following strong leads, four years after “Jodie” Brooke Anderson went missing. Anderson was first reported missing in 2017 after she disappeared in East Nashville.

“You can’t imagine what it’s like to feel like every day, you’re not doing enough,” said De’Anna Anderson, Brooke’s aunt.

It’s been a long four years for De’Anna. She and her daughter have been searching for answers every day since Brooke’s disappearance.

De’Anna says the last time she saw her niece was the year before she went missing, on Thanksgiving. She explained, like most teenagers, Brooke would often call now and then, and go over to visit her Aunt.

De’Anna told News 2, in the months following the holidays, she had no idea she had been missing.

“I would like to know what happened, period. An 18-year-old can’t disappear, just vanish. No money, no cell phone, no traces that are left behind. There’s no way somebody doesn’t know something,” explained De’Anna.

After four years, De’Anna has come to terms that her niece may be dead but said she will not give up looking for answers until Brooke’s body is found.

“You don’t let a family member go missing and not do something. I have to do something. I can’t sit still. I have to find her. If she has been murdered I have to find her remains, and I have to put her at peace,” said De’Anna.

At the time of Brooke’s disappearance, police reported she had a one-year-old baby. Brooke is described as 5’3” with brown hair and brown eyes.

Back in 2018, the Anderson family gathered along Brick Church Pike to honor what would have been Brooke’s 19th birthday. Now, they are still desperate for answers.

“It’s draining. It’s depressing, it’s heartbreaking. I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about her. I go to sleep thinking about her. I wake up thinking about her. I’m always actively trying to think, what can I do now?” De’Anna said.

De’Anna now keeps an eternal candle, with a photo of Brooke beside it. She says it stands as a reminder to continue searching for the truth.

“It’s my vigil to Brooke. I’ll never give up, I’ll never stop looking for her until my last breath, and when my last breath is gone, my children have promised me they will continue to look until we get answers,” said De’Anna.

Metro Police tell News 2 they are pursuing strong leads, and the case remains open.

The Anderson Family created a GoFundMe, to raise money in order to offer a cash reward for any information that will lead to Brooke’s body being found, or an arrest in the case.

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