MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. (WKRN) — A Smyrna woman is thanking her lucky angels after a Louisville, Ky. man allegedly fired randomly at multiple vehicles on I-65 this past weekend.

Multiple bullets struck her car and several other motorists’ vehicles. One person was injured and transported to a Kentucky hospital, but those injuries are not considered life-threatening.

For Jeanna Morris, it all went down around 12 p.m. Saturday. The 57-year-old was traveling north on I-65 to visit relatives.

The optician told News 2, she was north of Horse Cave and coming up on Munfordville, Ky. when someone started shooting at her car.

Morris said she was initially confused, thinking something in her car was breaking, or perhaps her Nissan Versa was being hit by road debris.

She soon found out it was much more dangerous.

“I have a lot of guardian angels in heaven right now,” Morris said, recounting her story standing beside her bullet-riddled car.

Morris says two bullets hit below the passenger door, tearing apart metal, but a third bullet came through the driver’s side door and could have easily killed her.

“I didn’t see it. I don’t know. I just know everything was exploding but didn’t know what made it explode.”

Morris showed News 2 the damage, explaining the bullet penetrated her door and then lodged in her dashboard.

The bullet hole is almost directly in line with where Morris was seated.

Morris said she can’t understand why anyone would do this.

“It makes me cry. It makes me cry.”

Morris showed News 2 pictures of plastic fragments created by the bullets. She said the fragments exploded, causing some red marks on her legs.

Morris said normally her mother travels with her, but on this day, her mother was ill and nobody was in the passenger seat.

“My mom could’ve been sitting right here, but she was sick. That would’ve hit her.”

According to Kentucky State Police, 51-year-old James Hooper is responsible for the random violence.

According to investigators, the Louisville man fired at two other vehicles before allegedly shooting at Morris’ Nissan Versa.

Authorities have not said what Hooper’s alleged motivation may have been.

Morris said she doesn’t know Hooper.

KSP also said there is no apparent connection between Hooper or any of the other victims.

Andy Cordan: “By the Grace of God you are alive!”

Morris: “Amen”

Cordan: “This could be your greatest Thanksgiving ever.”

Morris: “That is what I am going with. That is what I am going with.”

Hooper is in a Hart County, Ky. Jail. He is charged with five counts of attempted murder and five counts of wanton endangerment — first degree.

Millersville Police confirmed to News 2, Hooper is also the prime suspect in a similar shooting incident this past Thursday night in Millersville on the Ridge. It’s there that someone opened fire on a Hendersonville man’s BMW.

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The bullet passed through the passenger door, striking the 61-year-old driver in the arm and grazing his left arm before the bullet lodged in the driver’s side door.

The Hendersonville man in that shooting is now home recuperating.

Millersville Police tell News 2 the bullets from both shootings and the circumstances appear to be very similar and are being investigated.