‘I don’t want them to feel scared’: Clarksville man plans on moving after Sunday night shootings


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)- A violent weekend in Clarksville has left residents on edge and thinking about a change in location.

Clarksville police are investigating two shootings that happened within two hours of each other.

“My kids, they say they heard some shots, and my little one was really scared,” remembered Gerardo Perez. “I mean they were scared. I walked into the house and lights were off, and everybody was hiding.”

Sunday night, Perez was heading home, when he first heard a police siren. Perez told News 2, he initially thought police were pulling him over for a traffic violation, but quickly realized something more serious had happened when officers sped past him.

“I walked to the back door, and saw all these officers here,” said Perez as he remembered going inside his home to find his family hiding and police lights shining through his backdoor.

Three houses down from the Perez family, gunfire rang out at 6:54 pm Sunday night on Donna Drive. Police identified the victim to be a 61-year-old man.

“I mean, we see him off and on every other day, and he seemed to be a pretty nice person,” said Perez.

Just two hours before the shooting on Donna Drive, Police responded to another shooting on Greenwood Avenue. Once officers arrived, they found a victim with multiple gunshot wounds. Both victims have been transported to Vanderbilt hospital.

The victim from Greenwood Avenue still has not been identified and is not expected to survive his injuries. The victim from Donna Drive has not been identified and is in serious condition.

The violent Sunday has caused some neighbors to now think about moving, in order to keep their family safe.

“To be honest, I’m thinking about, considering moving somewhere else because I mean I have a little one and two others and a family to take care of. So, I don’t want them to feel scared or feel endangered,” Perez explained.

Police say they are unsure if the two incidents are connected, but neighbors say crime is happening too often and more police are needed.

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“They did respond pretty quick, but you know we don’t feel comfortable anymore you know that this is happening here,” said Perez.

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