NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For a week they’ve worked. Hundreds of volunteers donating time, energy, and sweat, for a new Nashville neighborhood.

All this, thanks to President Jimmy Carter and Habitat For Humanity.

“We not only have finished 21 houses, but we have raised enough money to build 59 in all,” explained the former president out on the worksite. “It forms a partnership between people who never had a home, and ones who, like me, grew up in a house without water or electricity.”

All parties involved were at the Opry Friday for a Nashville style celebration.

President Carter would take the stage, battered and bruised from a fall earlier in the week, but not missing a beat.

“This has been especially good to me, as I bumped my head,” he explained. “Was still able to join all of you in doing a very wonderful thing.”

Now, thanks to their’s and countless other’s work, dozens of families will have a home all their own.

“You have all been part of god’s answers to a desperate widow’s prayer,” said one home recipient. “And I can not thank you enough for being part of my redemption story.”