I-440 among Middle Tennessee’s roughest roads


Good Morning Nashville asked viewers to submit their suggestions for Middle Tennessee’s roughest roads with the promise we would get some answers.  

The overwhelming top answer was Interstate 440, which is due for an overdue face-lift this fall.

MORE: Get ready for construction to improve I-440 starting in 2018

“Real work you will start seeing some things happen this fall.  One thing I would mention, this segment is being delivered via design-build procurement, meaning we are leaving a lot of the decision up to a design-build team. The idea is we are looking to private industry to add some innovation to how we go about fixing this problem,” said Assistant Chief Engineer with TDOT,  Will Reid.  

News 2 asked TDOT why the state went with concrete as opposed to asphalt in the first place.   

“We make choices all of the time about what is the most economical, whether it be asphalt or concrete, typically when we have truck traffic we look at concrete as an option, again the are tradeoffs.  There are differences, you may get a longer service life out of concrete but you sacrifice some of the ride there is a little bit of a smoother ride with asphalt so it’s all about tradeoffs and it’s really a case by case solution,” said Redi.  

440 was built to accommodate about 64,000 vehicles per day.  

The count is now about 100,000 per day.  

The whole project is expected to take about three years.  

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