NASHVILLE, Tenn.(WKRN) – Thousands of strangers are stepping up to provide a temporary home for our medical professionals on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. From ICU nurses to ER doctors, the Facebook page “RVs 4 MDs” has matched hundreds of medical workers with those willing to temporarily give up their keys to their campers.

The idea was started by a mom in Texas whose husband is an ER physician.

“He sees sometimes between 100-200 patients a day we don’t know what he could be bringing in so I was terrified,” Emily Phillips told News 2.

Phillips said she posted online looking to rent an RV, but someone stepped up loaning it to them for free. However, she ended up giving that RV to another family in need and getting another for her family. Soon Phillips realized how great the need was and that this was a way she could help others on the frontlines.

“It has been unbelievable from these people giving their homes to complete strangers to keep them quarantined and possibly saving thousands of lives,” Phillips told News 2.

The page created just ten days ago has garnered over 15,000 members and matched hundreds. Many are right here in Tennessee. 

“When I saw this group I was like oh my gosh that’s a thing I can do that’s a real practical thing I can do,” Daryn Jackson in Springfield explained to News 2.

Susan Scott in Murfreesboro will be dropping off her camper Saturday to a nurse in Hendersonville.

Kimberly Overton is a RN at Hendersonville Medical Center. Her husband battles chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“I’ve been losing sleep over it to be honest with you. It’s scary to think about exposing your loved ones,” said Overton.

Now she can sleep better at night. Within just a few hours after signing up on RVs for MDs she found her match. 

“I can’t imagine her fears knowing she could literally die or kill her husband, so you know if I can provide a little safe space for them I’m good for that,” said Scott.

While the page is full of those in need of a place to isolate, it’s also full of those willing to hand over their second homes. 

“Within less than an hour I had three offers from complete strangers offering their RVs to me to use during this time. It just brought me to tears, it just brought me to tears the kindness,” said Overton.

If you are a medical worker in need of an RV or if you have one to loan visit

More than 700 volunteers are helping with the page, but they need more. For more information visit the Facebook page.