Humphreys County Sheriff’s Dept employee helps rescue man shortly after she was saved herself during flooding


WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The amazing stories from the flash flood in Waverly continue to pour in. 

On Thursday, News 2 talked to a Humphreys County Sheriff’s Department employee who went from her role as one who aids in emergencies, to having to be rescued herself, when her house on Main Street was flooded. 

“I just happened to look up, and I noticed a red basketball floating at me from behind the school. Yes, floating,” exclaimed Brandy Burns, Humphreys County Sheriff’s Dept. Office Manager. “And I thought what is that? And so all this traffic was coming down heading towards the school was slamming on their brakes, were pulling in my driveway about hitting each other trying to back up.  And I’m looking and that red basketball is right here in the yard, and water was coming in my side door from the garage.”

“So, we ran upstairs,” Burns continued. “It wasn’t no time that the water was just already up, and you could just hear stuff knocking and banging with cars and trucks and boats. And a big diesel tank from the gas station up the road was playing pinball between my house and my neighbor’s house before it got sucked out.”

Luckily, her fiancé works at the ambulance service center and was able to rescue her, bringing her to safety at their headquarters.

That’s when her role returned to being one who serves the public, as she heard a faint cry for help from nearby Trace Creek.

“There were three trees laid down in the water, and so, I see in between this stump of the tree in the branches I see about this much of a man’s head. And so I’m yelling at that man, and he’s yelling back at me. So, I’m just telling him to hold on I’m gonna get somebody.”

Then she heard the sound of a helicopter. So, she waved a yellow towel, drawing him in.

“I just raised my hand and I pointed straight down,” Burns said. “It was like everybody started coming. From all the rescue workers in the sheriff’s department and the ambulance service. Everybody was there and just getting to watch them do what they did that day, it was truly amazing that man was saved that day.”

In just a short period of time that day, Brandy went from being rescued herself, to back to her role with the sheriff’s department by assisting in someone else’s rescue.

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