How much is Nashville traffic costing drivers?


The latest study by traffic analytics company Inrix puts Nashville in the top 25 most congested cities in the U.S.

The metrics are based on population and congestion on the roads.

Whether you’re going to Berry Hill or Brentwood, driving in and around Nashville at most times means sitting in lots of traffic.

“It would be sometimes an hour, especially if there’s a wreck,” said commuter Danielle Bloom.

“Two hours just to go 5.3 miles from here,” said commuter Alison Ullein.

“From four to seven, don’t be around! Stay home!” said Bloom.

The latest Inrix study ranks Nashville as the 20th most congested city in the country.

“I believe that absolutely,” said Bloom.

To quantify, Inrix said Nashville drivers lost 87 hours in congestion in 2018, costing drivers more than $1,221 each.

“I remember when Nashville didn’t have traffic like that and there is a lot of time lost, to be honest with you,” said Ullein.

Perhaps some relief – the rate of people moving to Nashville has dropped below 100 a day.

“But it’s still a lot of people and a lot for our infrastructure to take,” said Amanda Clelland, spokesperson for WeGo Transit.

Clelland said the answer to beating pile-ups is to think beyond cars.

“If you can mix it up so you’re doing rideshare, you’re doing carpooling, and then you’re using a mass transit,” said Clelland. “It helps people to maximize the time that’s available to them while they’re commuting rather than just sitting behind the wheel and being frustrated.”

Boston took the top spot as the most congested city in the U.S.

According to Inrix, here are the top congestion points in Nashville:

Charlotte Avenue from I-440 to 8th Ave. S. (21 hour yearly delay)
I-40 from Briley Parkway to I-65 (20 hour yearly delay)
I-24 from Briley Parkway to Hermitage Avenue (18 hour yearly delay)
8th Ave. S. from I-440 to Lafayette St./Korean Veterans Boulevard (18 hour yearly delay)

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