How Ida may impact Middle Tennessee gas pumps for Labor Day weekend


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —Hurricane Ida made landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm, and oil companies are still assessing the damage at their oil rigs, platforms, and refineries in impacted areas. While gas prices are anticipated to rise, they are unlikely to skyrocket for the Labor Day weekend.

Megan Cooper, the spokesperson for AAA in Tennessee, said, “In general, when a hurricane hits that Gulf Coast region, the longer that those refineries stay down, and the longer things remain shut down the bigger impacts that we do see in our gas prices.”

The Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gas to Middle Tennessee, was also temporarily shut down due to Ida.

However as of Tuesday morning, the two main lines were back online. 

Cooper said that no gas shortages or major supply disruptions are expected here in Middle Tennessee, but prices will be up compared to what we typically see for the holiday weekend. 

As of Thursday, September 2, the average price for regular gas in Tennessee was $2.90, and the average for the Nashville area was $2.97.

We are expecting to see the most expensive gas prices that we’ve seen for the Labor Day holiday weekend since 2014. So, be prepared for that. Don’t be surprised if you do see some more expensive gas prices that you’re used to seeing at the pump,” said Cooper.

You can track AAA gas prices at this link.

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