A Clarksville couple was ready for a spin on their houseboat called “Dream Catcher” Friday when it almost turned into a nightmare. 

Robert and Yvonne Workman pushed off from the Clarksville Marina dock around 12:30 p.m. when the right motor shut down about 200 yards out in the Cumberland River channel. 

When they tried to restart the motor, something blew up and flames showed up, according to Clarksville Police. 

Mr. Workman grabbed a fire extinguisher and headed for the fire. But it didn’t take long to realize the fire was too large to handle alone.  

The Workmans, who are in their 80s, put on life vests and safely abandoned ship right before their dreamboat when up in flames.    

Clarksville firefighters put out the blaze.  

The Dream Catcher is a total loss.